We love to keep you up-to-date with everything that’s going on in your school. On this page, you can download PDF copies of the School’s newsletters and other information that may have been sent home.

School Uniform

From January 2018 this can now be purchased online at

Uniform can then be delivered to school with the Pupils Name attached to be sent home.

– Register now for school uniform (register as new customer) – this can take up to 48 hrs to confirm
– Once you have received a confirmation email sign in to the site
-shop for uniform here in the categories section
Any problems please phone Identity on 01229 823584

Term Dates

Please follow the link for the:

Term Dates 2018/2019           Term Dates 2019 2020

School Newsletters

5th July 2019 – CLICK HERE

7th June 2019 – CLICK HERE

10th May 2019 – CLICK HERE

15th April 2019 – CLICK HERE

8th March 2019 – CLICK HERE

15th February 2019 – CLICK HERE

14th January 2019 – CLICK HERE

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1st May 2018 – CLICK HERE

South Lakes Rural Partnership – Newsletters

March 2019

Internet Safety Information

Letter to Parents – Online Safety Advice

Games Consoles – Parental Guide

Screen Addiction – PLEASE READ

End of Year Expectations

Parents Guides for the End of Year Expectations for all year groups.

These list key skills that should be in place by the end of your child’s current year in order that he/she can fully access the age related curriculum the following year.  We will be referring to these key skills when setting children’s individual targets.

We hope that you will find these documents useful to help support the work we do and helping us to ensure your child is achieving their potential.

Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6


Downloads and other School Information

Getting on and Falling out Handbook (referred to in recent letter from SEAL co-ordinator)

Family Relationships (newsletter from SEAL co-ordinator)

Scuda (Dyslexia Association) Autumn 2016 Newsletter



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