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Kids’ Club

Kids’ Club is an after school provision for parents who need care for their children after 3.15pm. It runs every day from 3.15pm-6pm and can be booked on a regular basis or as and when the need arises. Kids’ Club staff have their own phone and parents/carers make bookings directly with them. Children can be signed up on the day as long as a message is left with the club leader. This is invaluable for parents who work outside Grange and have to travel some distance, as it prevents worry when they are unable to collect their child as expected due to delays etc.

The club costs £7 per session for the first child, with reductions for families with more than one child. More details are available please contact the school office.

Kids Club offer an Emergency cover session between 3.15 and 4.15pm at a cost of £3.50 per child, if not collected by 4.15 then a full session fee of £7 will be charged.

Contact Number: 07340 714878   (please leave a message as this will be picked up at 3pm)

In a recent survey sent out to parents  one respondent commented on how well the staff supported their child wo had additional needs:

“…staff understand his needs, they listen carefully and always know how to deal with any issue that arises. I have tried other after school child care and can say that this is the best I have encountered – warm, and understanding staff”

Other responses were as follows:

“It provides a safe and secure place for my son to be after school while we both work. He has lots of fun in a nuturing environment.”

“Kids Club is a friendly, happy environment in which my daughter can relax and play. She has used it for seven years and has always been happy to go.”

“We hold the [kids club staff] in the highest regard and cannot imagine how difficult it would be for us if we didn’t have this provision. They should be commended highly for their work and commitment to it.”

Overally respondents from the survey appeared to be very satisfied with the provision and care offered.

Click here to see the whole survey


Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club (privately run) started in April 2013 in response to requests from parents. It is held in the school hall each morning from 7.45am. A breakfast of cereal, toast, yoghurts etc is provided in the cost and the children are able to play with a variety of toys, do homework, read and relax and play games before school starts. The leader supervises the children until the start of the school day, when she hands them over to the care of the teachers. For parents who need to leave for work early, this provides a familiar and convenient place for their child to be. The cost is currently £4.50 per session. The cost reduces if more than one session is booked in a week. For more details, please contact the school office.


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