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Grange C of E Primary School

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Physical Education

What are our aims?

Grange CE school aims to promote a positive attitude towards PE. We engage all pupils in regular physical activity where keeping active is valued as part of a healthy life style. We promote physical wellbeing alongside mental, emotional and social development. It is our intent to raise the profile of PE through a well- planned curriculum and extra- curricular opportunities offering a range of sports and activities across the school which are inclusive, motivating and inspiring to all children. PE will have links to other curriculum areas and promote team work, fairness, resilience and competitiveness. We want to teach children how to cooperate and collaborate with others in keeping with our school values. Our staff will be supported to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching PE and sport, now and in the future. We aim that all children to have the best possible start in life, where keeping healthy becomes engrained and lasts a life time.

How do we deliver PE and Sport?

Children at Grange CE School participate in weekly high-quality PE and sporting activities. The PE curriculum is planned to ensure a progression of skills and development within a variety of physical experiences. The children are taught by class teachers and outside sports coaches who bring in another level of expertise and wealth of ideas to enhance the curriculum. They support our knowledge to ensure that we provide the highest quality PE provision. We also support a varied programme of extra -curricular physical experiences to motivate and include as many children as possible throughout the school, from the Reception class to Year 6.

Our curriculum is wide and sustainable. We offer varied experiences to try over the children’s time in our school: different sports, including dance, gymnastics, yoga, cricket, golf, tennis, judo, swimming, multi skills, lacrosse and outdoor learning including orienteering. The children are encouraged to try their best and work hard to improve and develop their skills. They learn that we all have different talents, but that they must remain supportive and tolerant towards others. They come to appreciate that they may enjoy some things better than others but that there is something for everyone as part of a healthy life style.

As part of an active local cluster of schools, Grange competes regularly in individual, teams and mass participation competition throughout the year. An example of this is The Peninsula Games event held at our local secondary school.

What is the impact?

We believe that a broad, balanced and inclusive PE curriculum is crucial to the long term well- being of our children. Our curriculum aims to improve fitness and wellbeing through the variety of skills taught and through the values and disciplines PE promotes. By offering different opportunities we give children the chance to find something which they enjoy and can sustain moving forward. We provide the experiences but want the children to learn through PE and other curriculum lessons that they have to take individual ownership and responsibility for looking after their own body. A healthy body and a healthy mind are achievable for all.

Our children achieve frequent success at interschool competitions and are happy to represent our school. We want them to excel and encourage our pupils to be competitive and perform at their best. Children enjoy the social coming together during extra-curricular activities and the chance to try new things with peers.

Our impact is therefore to motivate children to use the skills they have learnt at our school to enjoy physical activity and live a happy and healthy life in the future.